“Сlean and simple”: Japanese to English translator about SmartCAT

We have been working hard to make SmartCAT even better. Committed as we are to giving freelancers the tools they need to simplify and streamline translation tasks, it is always a joy to get feedback and suggestions. Recently Teddy Okuyama, Japanese to English translator, gave a no-holds-barred review of his experience with SmartCAT. (more…)

SmartCAT update: placeholders and performance improvements

We have improved SmartCAT performance and added functionality to simplify the localization process for sites and apps. (more…)

SmartCAT now supports translator profiles and other useful features

We have added new file formats and simplified vendor payments. The highlight of this release is the translator profile, which offers clients a powerful and simple way to find freelancers for translation tasks. (more…)

SmartCAT update: enhanced navigation, copying source to target, and vendor management

We’ve been busy making interface improvements, so now the main navigation interface looks like this. (more…)

Technical Support

Today we would like to tell you about our technical support.

SmartCAT tech support is a dedicated team of testers, analysts and engineers. There is even a couple of managers who won’t let the guys relax. (more…)

“Translation Is More Than Just Replacing One Word With Another”: The Story of Elena Renard

The star of our blog today is Elena Renard, a professional translator who won the SmartCAT Work & Surf contest by translating 168,875 words in the course of 2 months. Elena has agreed to share her story, one full of travelling and lifehacks for freelancers. Check it out! (more…)

Free webinar on ProZ.com

You are invited to a free webinar on ProZ.com on February 25, at 15:00 GMT! We will discuss how to increase productivity and revenue absolutely free using the new SmartCAT platform. (more…)