How do I get orders on Smartcat, freelancers ask. That’s easy: do what you love most — translate — and get feedback from your clients. The more feedback and “stars” you get, the more orders will come to you. And you won’t even need to go looking for them.


What does my search ranking depend on?

  • Number of words translated in Smartcat,
  • Tests passed,
  • Mean time of response to invitations (“activity index”),
  • Positive feedback and rating,
  • Senior Translator status.

What is “rating” and why do I need it?

Customers coming to Smartcat want good translations. Now let’s say you have a text to translate. Whether it is a marketing copy or a dishwasher manual, you value every word in it. Add pressing deadlines and ten languages to translate it to, and you will understand why giving it to a total stranger is anything but a no-brainer. The customer sees thousands of profiles and must choose one. In such a situation, every little thing matters, from a profile photo to uploaded work samples.


But in many cases what customers rely on the most is feedback from real clients. They see it as a proof that other customers, who were just as anxious as they are now, entrusted their documents to you and enjoyed the outcome. In fact, they enjoyed it so much that they came back and left a detailed review. Such positive feedback in your profile is a strong driver for the customer to choose you. Thus, they get high-quality translation, and you get a new client with an interesting project to take care of. And, of course, when you complete this project, you get not only a loyal customer, but also more feedback in your profile. Each new positive review brings you higher in search results and makes your profile stand out even more. Never hesitate to ask customers to leave feedback (you can do this using the chat function). Some freelancers are even willing to do a small project at a lower rate just to get a positive review and thus a higher search position, which will give them bigger projects in future.


How else can I improve my search ranking?

Translate more in Smartcat, pass tests, complete projects and get positive feedback. And don’t miss new sessions of the Senior Translators program, whose successful alumni are guaranteed to get top rankings. We wish you great projects! And don’t forget that you can subscribe to job notifications from Smartcat and other platforms using our job aggregator.