Summer is right around the corner. It may be a nice vacation time for some, but for translation agency managers it’s a dead season in terms of finding workers. Translators go to the countryside, embark on a canoe trip or spend time with their family. So, it’s the perfect moment for those freelancers already living someplace warm (or those not willing to rest)!

In this article, we’ll tell you how to find clients, who might also be trying to find you.


There’s plenty of jobs at the Marketplace

Whether you’re looking for a one-time translation job or full-time employment, Smartcat has two particular ways of finding such projects. First, there is the Marketplace which is where clients can find workers for their projects. To get into this freelance translator database, you just need to sign up, fill in the profile and... hold out for clients. The second option (barely mentioned before) is to track ads at the job board and to respond to the ones you like.

20 new jobs per hour

In search for more resources, the companies or individuals who need translation can not only create new projects in their Smartcat accounts, but also publish job ads at the Marketplace, inviting translators to participate in them. If you don’t get invites to projects yet, our aggregator collects ads from a number of freelance websites and posts them on the Smartcat job board. About 20 new links to translator jobs appear on it every hour. So, new exciting translation projects can be just a click away. All you need to do is subscribe and receive email notifications about new jobs in your language pair (or several). It’s an easy way to keep an eye on popular platforms for freelancers at once. Just make sure to spend some time on your profile after you sign up. Your potential clients will look into it, so do your best to complete it.


Some jobs will include a test. This is not only an opportunity to shine and get the project you’re excited to work on, but also an excellent chance to become more visible in the Marketplace search, since those who complete a test successfully, get a checkmark badge in their profile! Let’s go step by step here: you respond to a job ad, receive an email containing a link to the test project and translate the text in it. Usually, you don’t get paid for test tasks. If there’s more than 200–300 words in the test, ask the client whether you have to translate the whole text and whether the translation will be paid. Machine translation can help you translate faster, but it’s hardly a good idea to use it for passing a test.

Some translators rely on MT too much and don’t do proper post-editing though. Such work won’t go far and your profile’s “karma” may in jeopardy too. So, if you’re unsure you can deliver a quality translation on time, maybe it’s better to not start the test. When you’re through with the translation, confirm it by pressing the Finish button. You won’t need to send it out anywhere or take any extra effort, the client will see your work right in Smartcat. If you pass the test, you’ll get a nice shiny mark in your profile. Next, the client will select one or several successful candidates and invite them to the project.

Help your friends out

According to statistics, one in every 20 translators gets into a project on the recommendation of a fellow translator. If you have a translator friend looking for a job, share the link to the job you’ve found in Smartcat with them.

I need translation, where can I post a job ad?