Translation jobs in smartCAT: Find and be found

Summer is right around the corner. It may be a nice vacation time for some, but for translation agency managers it’s a dead season in terms of finding workers. Translators go to the countryside, embark on a canoe trip or spend time with their family. So, it’s the perfect moment for those freelancers already living someplace warm (or those not willing to rest)!


smartCAT Release 59 “Bolivia”: New Freelancer Services and more

Freelancers can now add new services (e.g., interpreting and copywriting), corporate users can generate API keys from the UI. Learn more from this post!

Looking for Talent: 5 Reasons to Become a smartCAT Senior Translator

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SmartCAT Certified: First Steps

With more than 80,000 freelancers onboard, we are ready to make a big step forward and introduce SmartCAT Certified. Having this status will increase translators’ chances to be hired on the platform. The fun part is that we want you to help us shape the certification process to make it as logical and community-friendly as possible! (more…)

The Next Web: Life just got a whole lot easier for freelance translators

Translation of written text is one of the few areas where computers still have a lot of space for improvement compared to humans. (more…)