Supply Chain Management: A hidden source of efficiency for translation companies

Surprisingly, many of our users are unaware that Smartcat is actually much more than just a CAT platform, and how broad its capabilities in Supply Chain Management (SCM) are compared to any other platform in the translation automation space.


New SmartCAT Features: Cross-File Repetitions and Freelancer Stats

SmartCAT now has tons of new features for both freelancers and corporate clients. The updates address work in the Editor, personal profiles, and machine translation. Let’s get started! (more…)

SmartCAT is now free

We are delighted to announce that starting today, SmartCAT is free both for freelancers and for companies, including translation agencies. Licenses are now a thing of the past. This means that our corporate clients can invite an unlimited number of users – managers as well as in-house and freelance translators – to contribute to their projects. (more…)