7 Tips for Translating “Just to Understand” Orders

A client approaches you to translate something “just to understand the meaning.” Such orders are a great way to build your relationship with the client, but there are also hidden rocks in them that you’d better be aware of. (more…)

10 Myths About Computer-Aided Translation

Many translators are wary of CAT tools. They feel that computer-aided translation commodifies and takes the creativity out of the profession. In this article we will try to clear up some common misconceptions that lead to these fears. (more…)

10 Core Principles to Build a Lasting Translation Career

So, you’ve decided to become a translator. Congratulations — it is the best job in the world! It lets you learn new things every day. It gives you the power to connect worlds with words. And, last but not least, a translation career pays back well if you build it right. Now, how do you build it right? (more…)