Keep Calm & Translate: Payments without borders, and plenty of orders

As Jane Austin’s Mrs. Elton once put it, “there is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.” But, over time, all translators develop their own understanding of what a comfortable workplace is for them. In the mornings or evenings, at home or in a café, enjoying the silence or rocking to the beats pumping in your headphones — we all have our own favorite ways to work. In the end, what matters is not how, but how well we do it. Continue reading

Supply Chain Management: A hidden source of efficiency for translation companies

Surprisingly, many of our users are unaware that Smartcat is actually much more than just a CAT platform, and how broad its capabilities in Supply Chain Management (SCM) are compared to any other platform in the translation automation space. Continue reading


Case study: Weebly, a website building platform

Case study: Weebly

How smartCAT helped localize a platform for building beautiful websites into 13 languages. Continue reading

Smartcat & Intento announce partnership

Intento to power Smartcat with Machine Intelligence

We’re delighted to announce our cooperation with Intento, a platform that helps enterprises to discover and use the best machine intelligence services without wasting effort on integrations and benchmarks. Continue reading

smartCAT Release 61 “Australia”

Diving head-first into Release 61, codename “Australia”, we’re announcing shiny new features and improvements. Continue reading

Ivan Smolnikov & Kursat Ozel

Smartcat expands to Turkey in partnership with Saylon

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Saylon, one of the leading Language Service Providers in Turkey, and celebrate the expansion of both our reaches into new marketplaces. Continue reading

10 Steps to the Goal, or the Tao of a Translator

10 Steps to the Goal, or the Tao of a Translator

How do you stand out among other translators, get interesting jobs and find your way to the top of search results? We brainstormed a little and came up with a few simple tips that we hope will be of help to both aspiring and experienced translators. Continue reading

10 Steps to Go from Zero Clients to Fully Booked in 6 Months

Whether you are an experienced in-house translator or just starting your path in this profession, once you go freelance, you'll face the same challenge: getting clients. The worst part is, unless you have considerable savings, you don't have much time to lose. In this article and the accompanying SmartCAT Academy course, we will help you become fully booked in the shortest time frame possible. Continue reading

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Smart Ways #8: Constructed Languages, Translapreneurs, and more

In this issue of our weekly newsletter, we'll dive into Arrival's Heptapod, Game of Thrones's Dothraki, and other fascinating constructed languages of our days. We will also talk about some translation technology myths, going from freelancers to entrepreneurs, and more. Read on! Continue reading

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7 Good Reasons to Grow from Freelancer to Entrepreneur on SmartCAT

Being a freelance translator is great. You don't need to report to a boss, you can work from anywhere, and only you manage your own time. Sounds a lot like being an entrepreneur, doesn't it? The only difference is that your days/weeks off are "earnings off," too. So at some point you start asking yourself: "What if? What if I make the switch from freelancer to entrepreneur?" Continue reading

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Smart Ways #7: Giving Thanks

As you could guess, this week's digest is dedicated to Thanksgiving, which is celebrated in the US today. We'll make a linguistic journey into gratitude and turkeys — but also into the challenges faced by aboriginal languages and the measures aimed at improving their fate.  Continue reading

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7 Smart Ways to Get More Email Replies

Love it or hate it, but writing emails is an inevitable part of being a freelancer or running a translation agency. And the more email replies you get, the higher your changes to get an interesting job or a well-paying customer. In this guest post, David Miralles Pérez of Circa Lingua shares the ways to make your emails more compelling and engaging. Continue reading

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Smart Ways #6: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

We dedicate this week's digest to the great translators of the past and the present with several brilliant articles on the subject. Other topics include getting started with social media marketing, translating "just to understand" orders, and top soft skills to look for in localization project managers.  Continue reading

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Boosting Productivity with Translation Memory and Glossaries

Linguistic resources, including translation memories and glossaries, can be the most valuable part of any CAT tool. Today, we'll look into how corporate translation departments rely on these materials and how they help businesses save money. This article is best suited for people who still don't work with translation memories and glossaries or who've just forgotten how easy they are to use. Continue reading

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Collaborative work on a whole new level: The SmartCAT team at LocWorld31 Dublin

On June 9-10 the world’s largest globalization and translation industry conference LocWorld was held in Dublin. This year’s event was titled “Engaging Global Customers,” and participants focused mainly on how translation and localization can help international businesses appeal to users from all over the world. The SmartCAT team was there as well, and we’re ready to tell you all about how our platform can help LSPs increase their productivity thanks to collaborative work on a whole new level. Below are the main points we shared during our presentation at LocWorld31 Dublin. Continue reading

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