6 ways good translation agencies can be better than direct clients

Direct translation clients seem to be the Holy Grail to many of my freelancer colleagues. Better rates, more direct communication, increased likeliness to be credited… There are many apparent advantages in working without a middleman. In reality, there are all sorts of direct clients, just like there are all sorts of agencies, and in some cases the latter may be your best option. Continue reading

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Neural is the New Black

This article is the first in a series we'll be posting, exploring the topic of machine translation. Powering the SmartCAT ecosystem with flexible third-party integration capabilities, we’re preparing to enter the Convergence era, in line with the insightful outlook* Jaap van der Meer presented on TAUS in 2013. Not just evolve with the industry but take the lead in this process, that's what we're up to. Continue reading

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SEO Translation Cover

Why SEO translation?

Many companies underestimate the need for SEO translation and miss out on a whole lot of opportunities. In this post, we share some basic but helpful SEO tips from David García Ruiz, an IT/EN>ES translator specializing in marketing and SEO translation. Make sure to share it with your customers! Continue reading

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