Smartcat API

Get more out of translation technologies by integrating them into your business processes

All Smartcat features, including access to the freelancer marketplace, LSPs and in-house translators are seamlessly integrated in your IT infrastructure.

Automated translation process

Automated translation process You don't have to create projects, upload files, or select translators manually. Texts requiring translation are sent automatically or with only one click directly to Smartcat from the applications or services you already use. Translators and editors receive notifications with all the supportive materials to get started and the completed translations are returned to your system in the correct format.

own translation automation systems

Use your own translation automation systems Smartcat plays nicely with what you've developed yourself. By combining all the tools into a single streamlined workflow, Smartcat makes translation more efficient than ever, giving you a significant advantage.

Continuous localization

Continuous localization Smartcat easily integrates into your development process for apps, games, and websites. New and updated content is continuously localized without interrupting developers. No matter whether your process is Agile or Waterfall (or something else entirely), all new strings are quickly identified, localized, and provided to production. Version control integration is supported for Git, SVN, Mercurial and Perforce.

Continuous localization

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