Smartcat connectors to CMS and code repositories

Create, localize, and publish your content in one loop. This is what we call Connected Translation

Businesses use a wide stack of technologies to efficiently create, manage, and publish content. Systems such as CMS, DMS, PIM, Helpdesk and intranet portals make it easier to create and manage monolingual content. But when it comes to localizing that content, the loop often gets broken. At Smartcat, we believe in Connected Translation and help you keep your content creation and localization processes in sync with each other.

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Are you using any of these platforms? We got you covered


14,000 e-commerce businesses all over the world have chosen Magento to power their online stores. Are you one of them? Localize your product descriptions on the fly with our Translation Manager Plugin.

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Of the three most popular CMSs, Drupal is perhaps the most technically advanced and is thus the CMS of choice for bigger websites and corporations. And, you guessed right, you can get your Drupal content translated with Smartcat as well.

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Wordpress occupies an astonishing 60% of the world’s CMS market, attracting personal users, small businesses, and corporations alike. Smartcat allows you to localize your Wordpress website in a jiffy.

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The runner-up in the global CMS market, Joomla is the #1 choice for webmasters who need more flexibility than Wordpress provides. Sounds like you? Get your Joomla website translated with Smartcat.

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Although not a top choice globally, Bitrix is extremely popular in some markets. If you are someone who runs a Bitrix website, Smartcat is the go-to solution for continuous localization for you.

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Smartcat comes with a Zapier integration, meaning that you can configure a workflow for pushing and pulling your localizable content with any of the 1,500+ platforms that are also supported by Zapier — Twitter, Google Drive, Slack, Gmail, among many, many others.

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Feeling geeky? Connect Smartcat to your software repository


Git, along with its many incarnations such as GitHub and GitLab, is the go-to VCS for 80% of global users. If you store your strings or texts on Git, enable their continuous localization with Smartcat.

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Not anywhere as popular as Git, Mercurial has some big names on the list of its users, including Facebook, Mozilla, and W3C. If you feel like standing on the giants’ shoulders, localize your Mercurial content with Smartcat.

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Think that an old friend is better than two new ones? No worries. You can easily translate content from your SVN repositories with Smartcat as well.

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Even geekier? Write your own integration with Smartcat’s API

Use Smartcat’s API to connect to the most demanded Smartcat features such as creating projects, assigning translators, and pulling translations back to your systems. It’s open, easy-to-use, RESTful, well-documented, and absolutely free!

Pro hacks

Automate your translation process

Forget manually creating projects, uploading files, or selecting translators — send texts automatically from whatever applications or services you already use to Smartcat. Once completed, translations will be pushed back to your system in whatever format you require.

Keep your legacy systems

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel: Smartcat plays nicely with whatever you’ve developed yourself. By combining all the tools into a single streamlined workflow, Smartcat makes your translation process more efficient than ever.

Localize continuously

Easily integrate Smartcat into your app, game, or website development process, localizing updated content continuously and without interrupting the developers. Whether Agile, Waterfall, or something else entirely, any process benefits from seamless localization.

Check out Smartcat’s open API:

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