Company-to-company payments - as easy as online shopping

Thursday, August 29th

Company-to-company payments - as easy as online shopping

Type of webinar: Product

Target audience: LSP and End-customers

During this webinar we will present a new feature that will change your life! It opens up the opportunity to pay other companies via Smartcat, just like you do with freelancers. We will show you how you can cover your entire cycle using Smartcat:

  • find and hire any vendor, whether a company or a freelancer (we've added a Vendor Marketplace too!)

  • assign projects for translation

  • pay any number of vendors with a single invoice using the Smartcat platform

  • receive money from a company and use this to pay to your freelancers

Join us to see all of the opportunities in action.


Leonid Glazychev

Jean-Luc Saillard

Head of Sales Enablement&Product Training

Join us on Thursday, August 29th

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