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How do you know when testing is right for you?
  • You're planning on working with translators in this language pair and subject area on a long-term basis (perhaps you're developing a new business area)
  • The client is important and you need the best quality possible.
  • The subject area is uncommon or complicated.
  • The project is large and requires more than one week of work.
You'll be amazed by how quick and easy it is to run your tests on SmartCAT!

Improve the quality of your company's translations without wasting money on organizational resources.

How does translator testing in SmartCAT work?
  1. As SmartCAT has been absolutely free for freelancers over the last 3 years, over 70,000 specialists have already signed up with us. Not even the largest translation agencies have this many contacts.
  2. Translators complete their tests directly in SmartCAT, so they are already familiar with the CAT tool that they would be using for your projects.
  3. The platform sends out the tests automatically, so you can see results in just 2 days. You can also read translators' comments within the document, check their tests and score them in real time.
  4. Completing tests in SmartCAT is enticing for translators, as they can earn a special icon in their profile proving their expertise in that subject area.
How much does this cost?
  • Until the end of 2016, we will help you find your
    team for free!
  • As usual, you pay all translators via SmartCAT.
  • We support credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal. Any questions? Just let us know at!

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