Ivan Smolnikov: The Slow Pace of Fast Change

Captains of the Translation Industry Talk About the Single Biggest Thing They've Learnt.

Smartcat Partners with Braahmam to Bring Indian Translators to Its Marketplace

This partnership benefits Smartcat customers as it provides them with access to certified translators who cover a multitude of languages and dialects spoken across India.

Smartcat Partners with Into23, Former SDL Exec’s New MLV, to Boost Sales in Asia

Smartcat has recently partnered with former SDL exec’s new MLV, Into23, to boost its sales in India and the rest of Asia.

Raising productivity of automated translation: The factor of terminology

To reveal the benefits of terminology management and promote its use, linguistic services and technologies provider ABBYY Language Services conducted research to evaluate the impact of terminology management on automated translation.

Smartcat raises $2.8 million to develop a translation automation platform

Smartcat claims to be the first cloud platform to combine translation automation technologies — including translation memories, glossaries, intelligent QA checks, and advanced A.I. algorithms — with direct access to thousands of language professionals.

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