Payment Automation

Companies waste a fortune on administering payouts to freelance translators and the paperwork involved.

With Smartcat Payment Automation you can cut your administrative costs in half, thus boosting your profits.

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Paperwork cut
by 90%

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to pay all freelancers

With Smartcat, you can easily pay all your freelancers, wherever in the world they are located. You only pay one invoice — to Smartcat — and the platform distributes the total amount among all contributors. They can in turn withdraw their earnings using their preferred payment methods.
No more filling out compliance forms and setting up accounts for local payment solutions — we have it covered!


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Visa and

Prepaid cards
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PayPal and various
local e-wallets

Forget paperwork

No more individual contracts with each freelancer or agency. Your translation services agreement with Smartcat is the only document you need to pay any number of freelancers as if they were one.

You don’t even need to change your existing payout policies. Set up a regular payment schedule or pay on a per-project basis  — you’re the boss!

Guaranteed tax compliance

Different countries have different tax laws for payments from companies to individuals, not to mention the bitter pains of cross-border payments.

With Smartcat Payment Automation, you won’t need to think about taxes and all the paperwork that goes with them. Neither will you need to change your legal or financial frameworks to keep up with the ever-changing tax rules — which is especially relevant if your freelancers are located all over the world.


The billing information is continuously updated and available both to you and your freelancers. Each of them sees how much exactly they are going to be paid as the work progresses.

This both boosts transparency and cuts time spent on discussions.

Smartcat has a very convenient payment automation solution, especially if you have lots of freelancers around the world. It saves time, money and the accounting is in a с-level overview

Matias S. Elsner,
Managing Director, DICO Deutschland GmbH

Automated cost calculation

We designed Smartcat’s cost calculation solution specifically for the translation business.

It automatically calculates amounts owed to translators in real time based on their rates. And it even takes into account any translation memory discounts, if applicable!

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Not only freelancers. Although Smartcat Payment Automation focuses on payouts to freelancers, you can use the same mechanics to pay incorporated translation suppliers.

Accept payments from clients worldwide

Getting paid by foreign customers can be a big-time hassle. With Smartcat, you can invoice your global customers quickly and easily, wherever they are located.

On top of that, you can use that same money to pay your freelancers all over the world, avoiding excess transactions and related costs.

Compatible with the industry’s most popular TMS and CAT tools:

With Smartcat’s automated payment solution, we need fewer staff for the payments, which really helps us to reduce overhead labor costs. Also, we are able to transfer money abroad easily and quickly with a lower cost.

On top of that our language experts now have the opportunity to receive money in at least three different ways with five different currencies, including Euro, Dollar, and Turkish Lira.

Gokhan Firat,
Operations and Business Development Manager,
Localex Language Service Provider, Turkey