Payment automation
for the translation industry

Save time and money today

Pay all your suppliers
in one click

Get the lowest
fees possible

Stay fully
and tax

by 90%

Smartcat has a very convenient payment automation solution, especially if you have lots
of freelancers around the world.
It saves time and money,
while also enabling more transparent accounting.

Matias S. Elsner,
Managing Director,
DICO Deutschland GmbH

cut costs
by 50%

Find out
your price

get pricing

What you get

Automatic cost calculation

Get the cost of your translation project in real time based on:

  • Translation memory use
  • In-text repetition volume
  • Net rates

One payment to all
your suppliers

Pay all your suppliers with a single wire transfer or any other available method. Take care of a month’s worth of invoices in just half an hour! We’ll make sure each supplier receives their money in full and without delay.

Low transaction fees

We charge less than $1 per domestic transaction and ~$5 for international transactions to help save you time and money alike.

Various payment methods
accepted worldwide

Operating worldwide, Smartcat supports the most reliable and popular payment methods available in your region.

Guaranteed legal and
tax complience

Smartcat saves you the headache of worrying about taxes and all the paperwork that goes with them. Plus, you won’t need to change your legal or financial frameworks to keep up with ever-changing tax rules and other regulations for international payments. We will take care of the legal fine print for you.

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