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2 projects

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Translation services

English  — French Native language
  • Translation
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  • Tourism and travel Translation

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Personal Details

France, 08:43 am
Native language
Work experience
23 years 4 months
About me
I have taught English as a Foreign language since December 1997. I started as a substitute teacher, but the experience confirmed that teacher was the job I was made for and I took the competitive exam to become a certified teacher.

Aside from my job as a teacher for the French "National Education" system, I translate or write for companies that need my services.


Université du Sud, Toulon et Var

  • 1997
  • France
  • Master
  • Applied Foreign Languages

Work experience

English teacher in French Ministry of National Education
from 1997 to Present
In my career, I have taught English to students from age 3 to adulthood! The core of my teaching is for children aged 11 to 15 though. I have also organised 6 school exchange trips between France and the USA. The seventh is in preparation.


Master in Applied Foreign Languages

  • 1997

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document Master in Applied Foreign Languages

My résumé in French as of April 2017

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document My résumé in French as of April 2017