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Wilfried Sakabwang Mutomb

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Translation services

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Personal Details

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lubumbashi
Native language
Work experience
2 years 5 months
About me
I offer a translation and interpreting service adapted to different types of texts (Diplomatic, Legal, Administrative, Mining and Artistic). My work fits customer requirements consistent with respect for rules confidentiality. I insist on creativity in my services for an understanding and a direct / simple accessibility to the reader and the public. My style is in the transparency and the quality; it's up to you to let us know your proposals!



  • 2017
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Master
  • International Relations

Work experience

Consultant Translator in Oxfam America
from 2020 to Present
Translation of intern documents supervised by Washington DC office.


Transcriber/Translation Reference Letter

  • 2020

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document Transcriber/Translation Reference Letter

Reference letter

  • 2020

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document Reference letter

The Carter Center Certificate

  • 2020

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document The Carter Center Certificate

Marketing description

  • 2018

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document Marketing description