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Wahyu Adi Pratama

  • 1 977 words Translated

Translation services

Indonesian Native language  — English
  • Translation
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Legal Politics and society Social science Religion History Geography

Translation services

English  —
  • English (USA)
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Indonesian Native language
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Legal Social science Religion Politics and society Geography History

Personal Details

Indonesia, Jakarta, 09:12 pm
Native language
Work Experience
9 months
About me
I am passionate in planning an activity and execute it in a desired expectation


Brawijaya University

  • 2016
  • Indonesia
  • Bachelor
  • Law

University of Indonesia

  • 2019
  • Indonesia
  • Master
  • Transnational Law

Work experience

Research Intern in Center for International Law Studies (CILS)
from 2018 to 2019
I accompanied my seniors to research some topics relating to international law. During the internship, I with my team were engaged in drafting a pocketbook to guide immigration officers on how to address refugees using human rights approachment.


Legal Profession Test

  • 2018

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document Legal Profession Test

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