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Vanina Oroz De Gaetano

4 248 words

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Translation services

English  —
  • English (USA)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • English (Canada)
  • Spanish (Argentina) Native language

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Translation services

English  — French

Translation services

French  — English

Translation services

English  — Italian

Translation services

Italian  — English

Translation services

Spanish  — English

Personal Details

Argentina, 12:43 am
Native language
Spanish (Argentina)
Work experience
7 years 8 months
About me
I'm a dedicated professional with over 10 years of experience in foreign language teaching (English, French, Italian and Spanish) as well as translation, editing and proofreading. I also train teachers-to-be in writing, discourse analysis, academic writing and phonology. I'm detail-oriented and passionate about reading and writing.



  • 2015
  • Argentina
  • Bachelor
  • English / Linguistics

Instituto Superior Juan XXIII

  • 2009
  • Argentina
  • Bachelor
  • English / Education


  • 2020
  • Canada
  • Translator Training Program - English to/from French

Work experience

Translator in The Mindful Word
from 2020 to Present
Produce quality translation of articles related to mind-spirit, wholistic health, travel and the environment. Deliver at least four articles per week (texts ranging between 1000 and 2000 words) Utilize language search engines (Linguee), terminology databases (IATE, TermiumPlus), CAT tools (WPML) with translation memory and glossaries, and translation-related online resources. Read texts thoroughly to understand the words as well as their cultural implications. Contact project manager proactively
Translator / editor / proofreader in Freelance
from 2013 to Present
Supply quality translations of a variety of documents and correspondence: letters, contracts, professional presentations, book chapters (novels and study material), instruction manuals. Meticulously proofread and edit letters, articles, academic papers, professional presentations and projects, checking for consistency,style, voice, spelling and grammar. Utilize language search engines (Linguee), terminology databases (IATE), CAT tools (Smartcat) with translation memory and glossaries.


La libertad de vivir - Joe Vitale

  • 2017

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document La libertad de vivir - Joe Vitale