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Silvana Borghi

234 k words
2 projects

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Translation services

English  —
  • English (USA)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • English (Australia)
Test passed
  • General Translation
  • Products and catalogs Translation

Education Fiction Documents and certificates General Finance Economics Cosmetics

Translation services

Portuguese  —
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

Education Products and catalogs Documents and certificates Correspondence Fiction Manuals Website

Related services

English  — Spanish

Related services

Portuguese  — Spanish

Personal Details

Argentina, Moron, 03:59 am
Native language
Spanish (Argentina)
Work experience
6 years 6 months
About me
I'm a technical, scientific and literary translator, English and Portuguese to Spanish, Italian to Spanish and English too; with 30 years in Education
Legal documents (power of attorney, birth certificates, certification of the nonexistence of a specific record), fiction, finance, marketing and environmental issues, and about Alternative Sciences. Specialist in legal and economic translation.
FAO documents from Portuguese to Spanish
Literary tran...


Instituto Superior Lenguas Vivas

  • 2016
  • Argentina
  • Bachelor
  • Fiction translator

Universidad Nacional de Cordoba

  • Argentina
  • Specialist
  • Legal, economic and financial translator

Work experience

Translator in Jublo-Moravia for Amazon
from 2020 to Present
Translator English into Spanish for Amazon. MTPE
Linguist, translator, copywriter in Summa Linguae
from 2019 to Present
Copywriter and image content provider. Translation validation
Translator, copywriter, proofreader, QA checker, MT reviewer in Alibaba Language
from 2019 to Present
Translating from English into Spanish e-commerce and marketing products from Aliexpress. Reccomendation notes. QA checker and MT reviewer
Freelance technical translation in Professional Translations, Inc
from 2018 to Present
English to Spanish freelance translator. Aircraft manuals.
Freelance translator in The Translation Gate LLC
from 2018 to Present
AliBaba project, translator proofreadoer
Freelace translator Portuguese to Spanish in Magma Translations
from 2017 to Present
Translator, editor. Texts proofreader and audio scripts proofreader. Translators test checker.
Freelance Translator in Gospel Translations
from 2017 to Present
English to Spanish translator of different religious texts and articles
Translator in Babelcube
from 2014 to Present
Literary translator



  • 2020

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