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Sergei Lev

40 k words

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Translation services

English  — Russian Native language
Test passed
  • Medicine Translation

Gaming Manuals Software Website Products and catalogs Fiction Education

Translation services

Japanese  — English

Gaming Fiction Manuals Software Website Arts and culture Social science

Translation services

Japanese  — Russian Native language

Gaming Manuals Fiction Software Website Arts and culture History

Translation services

Russian Native language  — English
Test passed
  • Banking and investment Translation

Fiction Gaming Manuals Software Website Agriculture Geography

Personal Details

Russian Federation, 05:35 am
Native language
Work experience
9 years 5 months
About me
Превосходно разбираюсь в идиомах, неплохо владею жаргоном различных сфер деятельности и социальных групп, легко распознаю цитаты и владею тайным искусством пользования поисковыми системами. Переводы выполняю с максимально возможным качеством и в срок.

Work experience

Qualified QCer / Localizer in Glocalize
from 2018 to Present
Audiovisual translations and quality control. More than 100 individual projects, including several series and documentaries.
Внештатный переводчик и редактор in Бюро переводов «Велиор»
from 2017 to Present
I perform marketing, medical, and software translations, as well as promotional video subtitles. Have completed jobs for disclosable end clients such as Coca-Cola, Navex, VMware, Zimmer, U.S. government agencies, and others.
Copywriter & Proofreader in Tsunagu, Inc.
from 2017 to 2018
I wrote and reviewed Japanese to English articles on tourism and restaurant industry.


Недооценка (Альгер Ром)

  • 2016

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document Недооценка (Альгер Ром)

Юр. перевод (моё слабое место)

  • 2016

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document Юр. перевод (моё слабое место)

Собственный рассказ на двух языках

  • 2014

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document Собственный рассказ на двух языках