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Ruslan Prakapovich

64 k words

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Translation services

Russian Native language  — English

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Personal Details

Belarus, 11:23 am
Native language
Work experience
16 years 6 months
About me
My name is Ruslan and I am from Brest, Belarus. I am a professional teacher with a linguistic background and have almost 15 years of successful teaching experience. I have helped so many students (I have lost count) to raise their level of English to fulfill their ambitions such as passing state exams, emigrating, landing their dream job and raising their self-confidence which has helped them in other aspects of their lives. Teaching for me is no...


Brest State University

  • 2004
  • Belarus
  • Bachelor
  • English


Ruslan Prakapovich

  • 2016

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document Ruslan Prakapovich