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Randa Abou Nayef

36 k words

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Translation services

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Medicine Medical equipment Pharmaceutics Life Sciences Psychology

Personal Details

Qatar, Doha, 10:24 pm
Native language
Work experience
21 years 6 months
About me
English Arabic translator with background in Pharmacy.
I have excellent writing skills in both, my native Arabic language and English.
Also I've got excellent reading and comprehensive skills in Arabic which I acquired from my learning in my home country Syria. I have enough cultural knowledge about the Arabic region and the English speaking countries which I'm sure will support me in my translation job. Being a pharmacist I have huge background ...


Beirut Arab University

  • 1999
  • Lebanon
  • Bachelor
  • Pharmaceutical Science

Edinburgh Business School

  • 2013
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Specialist
  • Business

Work experience

Translator in Freelance medical translator at Aspiring Minds
from 2019 to Present
• I translated automotive and HVAC training materials designed and developed by the Technical and Vocational Training corporation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Translator in iheed Medical Training ltd.
from 2017 to Present
• I translated medical training scripts and documents from English to Arabic (more than 100 000 words) which were intended to be used by healthcare professionals in Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar. • Consistently completed work by deadline efficiently. • I translated from English to Arabic on HMC training website. • I translated video scripts and adjusted time slots on videos to match it with the correct timing.
Supervisor in Forever Living Products
from 2014 to 2016
• I promoted Forever Living Aloe Vera Products to public. • I achieved supervisor level in one month. • I made my own team and trained them on promoting FLP. • I conducted presentations about the benefits of Aloe Vera products to public. • I created my own business Facebook page. • I translated posts of my FB page from English to Arabic.
Marketing, events and client Support in Art of Abundant Living, Doha Qatar
from 2012 to 2014
• I translated documents and ads from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English on the company’s Facebook page. • Products research and preparing documents for importing new products to Qatar. • Arabic support in the team to contact Arabic customers. • Called data base to introduce and promote AAL health programs and workshops • Worked with the founder and the owner of AAL to set up events and to support marketing activities. • Called magazines and newspapers for publishing press releases of


Certificate of Professional Translation

  • 2019

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document Certificate of Professional Translation