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Oana Pauna

2 870 words

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Translation services

English  — Romanian Native language

Correspondence Education Marketing, advertising and PR Products and catalogs Website

Personal Details

Romania, Ploiesti, 10:00 pm
Native language
Work experience
6 years 6 months
About me

My name is Oana Pauna, and I am 27 years old. I have been freelancing for six years. I will try not to bore you.

I can assure you I am reliable, detail oriented, professional. I also have skills in translation, writing, editing, publishing articles in WordPress. I have worked before on translations, and I am confident I can do a great job for your project too. Best, Oana


University Oil and Gas

  • 2015
  • Romania
  • Bachelor
  • Accounting and management informatics

Work experience

Freelance content writer in Freelance clients
from 2014 to Present
SEO Assistant in SC Driveprofit Webdev SRL
from 2018 to 2019
Outreach, backlinking, content writing.


Content writing

  • 2019

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document Content writing