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Nuno Couto

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Translation services

English  —
  • English (USA)
  • English (United Kingdom)
Portuguese Native language
  • Portuguese (Portugal)

Corporate social responsibility Biotechnology Food and drinks Gaming General IT and telecom Life Sciences

Personal Details

Portugal, Porto, 01:25 pm
Native language
Work experience
21 years 6 months
About me
Please see my LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/nuno-couto/1a/5a8/362


EPCE – Escola Profissional de Comércio Externo

  • Portugal
  • Specialist

Work experience

Project Manager in FocusWare – Traduções e Relações Internacionais, Lda.
from 1999 to 2015
- Analysis and preparation of files for translation, including preliminary and validated glossaries, TMs, terminology bases and all other relevant reference material - Liaising with clients to validate preliminary glossaries, specific instructions, queries and other linguistic issues - Creation of Portuguese style guides for several long-term projects/clients - Responsible for all aspects of pricing, quoting and invoicing - Development of several CAT strategies to the benefit of direct clients
Translator/Editor/Proofreader in FocusWare – Traduções e Relações Internacionais, Lda.
from 1999 to 2015
- Translation of all types of documents (EN/FR/SP>PT) - Editing, proofreading and QA of all types of deliverables - Lead translator and QA liaison for a top mobile company, involving several week-long trips to Scandinavia for LINGUISTIC VALIDATION of all localized deliverables – software strings, user manuals, quick guides – over a period of 4 years (2001–2004) - Translation, editing and proofreading of “how-to” sheets for Portuguese staff of a leading UK food products manufacturer
Junior Translator in Francisco Orlando Couto – Sworn Translator
from 1994 to 1999
- Development of a CAT strategy to improve the overall quality and consistency of large projects, which lead to an increase of 300% in revenue - Lead translator for 6 user manuals of a top car manufacturer, including DTP (scanning, insertion and technical translation of around 1,000 pictures per manual) and type-setting of the final deliverable according to strict quality requirements - Translation of all types of documents (EN>PT)


Europass CV

  • 2017

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