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Nick Tomato

  • 1 994 words Translated

Translation services

English  — Russian Native language
  • Translation
    0.011 per

Translation services

Russian Native language  — English
  • Translation
    0.011 per

Personal Details

Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk, 07:26 pm
Native language
Work experience
2 years
About me
I am studying as an interpreter in NKSU. For being one of the brightest students, my university sent me to work as an actual interpreter during international scientific conferences and other scientific and educational activities. 


North-Kazakhstan State University

  • 2019
  • Kazakhstan
  • Bachelor
  • Translation Studies

Work experience

Interpreter in North-Kazakhstan State University
from 2018 to 2019
I worked as an interpreter for the university I studied at. I was working with foreign Professors from different countries, translating their lectures to local students, translating their scientific reports to local professors, also I worked with them during their researches in NKSU.

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