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Mohsene Chelirem

100% Quality
100% Compliance with deadlines

Based on 10 reviews

22 k words
37 projects

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Translation services

English  —
  • English (USA)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • English (Australia)
Arabic Native language
Test passed
  • IT and telecom Translation

Education Products and catalogs Documents and certificates Marketing, advertising and PR Software Manuals Website

Translation services

Italian  — Arabic Native language

Education Documents and certificates Products and catalogs Marketing, advertising and PR Website Manuals Linguistics

Translation services

French  —
  • French (France)
  • French (Canada)
Arabic Native language

Translation services

English  — French

Translation services

French  — Italian

Translation services

English  — Italian

Reviews · 10

  • Belen Filippis,  VOLATIA
    TranslationEnglish > Arabic

    4 Dec'19

    • Recommended
    • Recommended
      Compliance with deadlines
  • AU
    Aman Ullah,  LangFort Worldwide
    ProofreadingEnglish > Arabic
    Marketing, advertising and PR

    10 Nov'19

    • Recommended
    • Recommended
      Compliance with deadlines
  • Анастасия Мясникова,  Xsolla
    TranslationEnglish > Arabic

    23 Sep'19

    • Recommended
    • Recommended
      Compliance with deadlines

Personal Details

France, Paris, 12:48 pm
Native language
Work experience
9 years 8 months
About me
** Certified Professional Translator - Arab Professional Translators Society (APTS).
** Member of Mediterranean Editors and Translators.
** Proz Certified Pro Translator.

"I help businesses accessing potential customers in the Arabic-speaking world, and extending them to reach wider target clients"

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University for Foreigners of Pertugia

  • 2014
  • Italy
  • Master
  • Linguistics of the Italian language

University Badji Mokhtar Annaba

  • 2011
  • Algeria
  • Bachelor
  • Teaching Foreign languages - Italian language linguistics

University of Helsinki

  • 2017
  • Finland
  • Master
  • Exchange program in Modern Languages Linguistics and Philology

University of Paris IV Sorbonne

  • 2018
  • France
  • Master
  • Exchange program in Applied languages

Work experience

Localization QA Engineer in Apple
from 2020 to Present
Loc QA Engineering
Freelance Translator in Self-employed
from 2011 to Present
• Translation Project Management. • Translation English, French, Italian to Arabic. • Localization and website translation. • Proofreading and Post-Editing. QA & QC
| Internship | Course Assistant of Italian Language in The University of Helsinki Language Center – Helsinki
from 2017 to 2017
• Teaching Italian language. • Helping students in pronunciation, vocabulary and group discussions. • Introducing the Italian culture and society from an intercultural perspective to theFinnish student.
| Internship | *OOTU member and coordinator in The University of Helsinki Language Center – Helsinki
from 2017 to 2017
*OOTU: Language Center's Support for Teaching and Learning Unit. Achievements/Tasks • Development and coordination of e-learning, communication and international affairs at the Language Center. • Participating in student council meeting and seminars. • Hosting Language Center's French language Club meetings for students andStaff.
International Coordinator in Algerian Martial Arts Federation of Naijimudo – Algiers, Algeria
from 2012 to 2017
• Scheduling and arranging the task activities of the administrators and different sections within the international organization. • Communicating with different establishments and their important staff, as and when needed. • Creating, developing and improving on the creative thoughts.
Teacher of Italian Language in Public Secondary school – Souk Ahras, Algeria
from 2013 to 2015
• Planning and delivering creative lessons to students and monitoring their progress. • Performing classroom management adhering to local and state education regulations.
| Traineeship | Teacher of Italian in University for Foreigners of Perugia, Italy
from 2014 to 2014
• Teaching Italian language to exchange students. • Planning and creating lessons, and evaluating student progress.
Teacher of French in Public Primary School – Merahna
from 2012 to 2013
• Developed and implemented educational plans according to students' needs,abilities, and interest. • Used different types of instructional media and improved student's intelligence.
Teacher of French in Public Middle School– Sidi Fradj
from 2011 to 2012
• Encouraged and monitored students in attaining social and personal goal. • Assessed strengths and weaknesses of students and provided them assistance with special coaching. • Prepared and achieved teaching objectives and improved children's test results.



  • 2018

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document computer_games_en-fr_translation

Marketing translation

  • 2018

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document Marketing translation

Product marketing translation

  • 2018

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document Product marketing translation