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Melinda Mondovics

8 581 words
2 projects

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Translation services

English  — Hungarian Native language
  • Translation
    0.05 per

General Linguistics Energy Science and patents Politics and society Psychology Social science

Personal Details

Hungary, Budapest, 04:45 am
Native language
Work experience
14 years 4 months
About me
I am a passionate English-Hungarian-English translator working in Hungary, Europe. I have gained widespread translation-related experience both as an in-house translator and as a freelancer.  I have translated so far in the fields of transport, environmental protection, psychology, politics and social affairs and gained knowledge also in international relations.
Among others, I have worked at the European Commission-Directorate General for Transl...


University of Miskolc

  • 2005
  • Hungary
  • Bachelor
  • translation in politics and social science

University of Miskolc

  • 2003
  • Hungary
  • Bachelor
  • Teaching English as a second language



  • 2017

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Vicky Letter of Recommendation

  • 2015

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document Vicky Letter of Recommendation

EU certificate

  • 2012

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document EU certificate

translation diploma

  • 2005

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document translation diploma