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Melanie Marti

117 k words

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Translation services

English  — Spanish Native language
  • Translation
    0.055 per
  • Proofreading
    0.033 per

Marketing, advertising and PR Products and catalogs Website Arts and culture Cosmetics Food and drinks General

Personal Details

Spain, 07:54 am
Native language
Work experience
5 years 4 months
About me
I'm an English into (Castilian) Spanish translator with the necessary skill to adjust to the needs of your text. I have experience in the pharmaceutical, beauty and cosmetics fields where I work on advertising texts, catalogues, certificates, data sheets, websites and emails for foreign clients.

On the side, I am passionate about videogames and audiovisual translation.

Let's get in touch and let me know what can I do for you! :)


Universidad de Granada

  • 2015
  • Spain
  • Bachelor
  • Translation and Interpreting

Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona

  • 2017
  • Spain
  • Master
  • Audiovisual Translation


CV Melanie Marti Mari_EN

  • 2017

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document CV Melanie Marti Mari_EN

Sample translations

  • 2017

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document Sample translations