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Mark van de Velde

215 k words

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Translation services

English  — Dutch Native language

Arts and culture Economics History Politics and society Social science Tourism and travel General

Translation services

Croatian  — Dutch Native language

Personal Details

Romania, Bucharest, 11:27 pm
Native language
Work experience
19 years 5 months
About me
Some of the world's finest writers double as translators. This tells me that a successful translator is first and foremost a wordsmith, not a walking dictionary.

Before turning to translating English into Dutch,  I worked as a researcher at a public policy think tank and wrote thousands of pages (reports, books, newspaper articles,  blogposts et cetera). Since these were targeted at a general audience, I insisted on a clear and engaging style, a...


Amsterdam University

  • 2001
  • Netherlands
  • Master
  • Political Science


CV Mark van de Velde (English)

  • 2018

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document CV Mark van de Velde (English)

Sample translation EN-NL (708 words)

  • 2018

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document Sample translation EN-NL (708 words)