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Mariana Ruiz

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Translation services

English  —
  • English (USA)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • Spanish (Mexico) Native language

Education Marketing, advertising and PR Software Fiction Gaming Website Arts and culture

Personal Details

Mexico, Mexico City, 12:51 am
Native language
Spanish (Mexico)
Work experience
6 years 5 months
About me
Creative and responsive translator and localiser.

I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Translation (English and French) with a thesis about translation of literature for children and young adults.

Being a gamer myself, I decided to specialize in video game and software localisation from English into Spanish (Latin America). 

I've been working as a general translator since 2014 and as a video game localiser since 2016.

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Universidad Intercontinental

  • 2015
  • Mexico
  • Bachelor
  • Translation

Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción (ISTRAD)

  • 2017
  • Spain
  • Specialist
  • Expert in Video Game Translation and Localisation

Work experience

Video Game Localiser and LQA Specialist in AllCorrect
from 2018 to Present
Video Game Localisation Specialist in Terra Translations
from 2018 to Present
Video Game Localisation Specialist in Keywords Studios
from 2016 to Present


Curriculum Vitae

  • 2018

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document Curriculum Vitae