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Maria Elena Abbott

226 words

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Translation services

Dutch  —
  • Dutch (Netherlands)
Spanish Native language

Arts and culture Business Correspondence Corporate social responsibility Cosmetics Documents and certificates Fashion

Translation services

English  —
  • English (USA)
  • English (United Kingdom)
Spanish Native language

Arts and culture Business Corporate social responsibility Correspondence Cosmetics Documents and certificates Fashion

Personal Details

Netherlands, Alkmaar, 12:50 pm
Native language
Work experience
27 years 8 months
About me
I have a broad working experience in different fields and in diverse multicultural working environments. I am flexible, reliable and responsible. I like an open communication attitude where the work performance from both sides can be discussed. Through this channel, I want to establish solid collaborations with the people who hire my services. 


ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen

  • 2019
  • Netherlands
  • Bachelor
  • Tourism & Travel

Work experience

Translator, Proofreader and Post-Editor in Fairlingo Online Translations
from 2018 to Present
Translation (also sworn translations), proofreading and post-editing of different types of texts.
Translator of e-book stories in Publishing house Saga Egmont (part of the parent company Lindhardt & Ringhof Publishing A/S)
from 2020 to 2020
I translated 10 e-book stories for the publishing house Saga Egmont, who are part of the parent company Lindhardt & Ringhof Publishing A/S, the second largest publishing house in Denmark and digital market leaders.
Translator and Reviewer in InWhatLanguage
from 2020 to 2020
Translation and correction of training material.
Administrative Assistant & QA Officer in Maximum Trading B.V.
from 2008 to 2012
I was responsible for quality related matters. Main responsibilities were international business correspondence with customers and suppliers, translations of product datasheets and the maintenance of the quality control administration (complaints, import/export permits, audit reporting, translation/transcreation of information or documents).
Tourist Guide in Living Tomorrow Amsterdam
from 2005 to 2007
Guidance of tourists in Dutch, English and Spanish through the “House of the Future Complex”. Visitors could see and try all the state-of-the-art products to be launched on the market at the beginning of the 21st century. This involves products which will or already have changed our lives at home, for example the use of a media center / interactive television and home automation applications.
Tourist Guide in Gassan Diamonds B.V., Amsterdam
from 2004 to 2004
Guidance of tourists in Dutch, English and Spanish through the factory and showroom. In the tours, visitors received a full explanation of the process of transforming an original gem into a ready to wear diamonds. This position also included sales services.
PA in Capurro Confecciones
from 2001 to 2001
The company produced, through government tenders, uniforms for government institutions. My responsibility was to maintain the international business contacts with the different suppliers. This included logistics, product data sheets update and translations and keeping track of the new product developments.
Supply Chain Assistant in Avon S.A.
from 2000 to 2000
In this position I was in charge of the stock management and assisted the sales department with the shipping orders, international correspondence and data sheets.
Import and Export Assistant in Merck Química Chile Soc. Ltda. (Branch of Merck Darmstadt, Germany)
from 1999 to 1999
In this position I prepared and handled the documentation of the different imported products from the factory in Germany to the main offices in Chile.
Commercial Manager's Assistant in Moure y Cía. (Representatives in that time of Estée Lauder Companies in Chile)
from 1996 to 1998
Assisting and preparing the correspondence between the head office and the commercial manager including translation of documents. The job also included the preparation of business events and trips, and assistance with the PR.
Commercial Manager´s Assistant in O'Higgins Leasing S.A. (Today owned with Santander Banking in Chile)
from 1993 to 1995
In charge of the business correspondence plus follow up of the running transactions and the office ‘customer service (front desk and through the phone).


ID Sworn Translator

  • 2019

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document ID Sworn Translator

BA Translation Diploma

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document BA Translation Diploma