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Marcos Maldonado

  • 3 048 words Translated

Translation services

English  — Spanish Native language
  • Translation
    0.088 per
  • Editing
    0.044 per
  • Proofreading
    0.026 per

Manuals Marketing, advertising and PR Products and catalogs Education Automotive business IT and telecom Industrial automation

Personal Details

Argentina, Cordoba, 10:25 pm
Native language
Work Experience
5 years 10 months
About me
As a translation professional, I devote myself deeply to carrying out linguistic endeavors and applying the latest translation technologies in order to achieve seamless communication between English and Spanish speakers. My aim is to save clients countless worries and difficulties when dealing with Spanish related content or audiences, allowing them to tap into a new market and engage Spanish speakers in a clear comprehensible manner. 

A languag...


Instituto San Miguel

  • 2014
  • Argentina
  • Bachelor
  • English Translation Studies

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