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Mahougnon MEKPATO

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Translation services

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Agriculture Annual reports Accounting Arts and culture Automotive business

Translation services

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Personal Details

United States of America, Greensboro , 05:29 pm
Native language
Work experience
8 years 6 months
About me
Hi, my name is Mahougnon. I'm from Benin in West Africa but I live in US. I like travelling and meeting new things and people. I graduated a bachelor degree in 2012 and worked few months in the insurance industry. I also have a few years' experience in businesses managing. I managed family's business for four years. I started a Business school in France two years ago to graduate a MBA. I'm also interest in languages, I hope we'll do great job tog...


Catholic University of West Africa

  • 2012
  • Benin
  • Insurance

Work experience

Manager Assistant in SELF BENIN
from 2012 to 2016
- Negotiated and contracted with contractors and customers; - Developed and sustained customer relationship; - Administered secretariat and tax activities; - Reviewed accounting books and year end balance sheets; - Followed-up with suppliers and customers invoice payment; - Elaborated budget and controled the budget execution; - Managed maintenance crew of HVAC and electric technicians.