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Mahmoud Sami

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Translation services

English  —
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  • Arabic (Morocco)
  • Arabic (Egypt) Native language

Personal Details

Egypt, 09:50 pm
Native language
Arabic (Egypt)
Work experience
20 years 6 months
About me
I am a qualified translator with Bachelor of Arts in English with specialisation in Linguistics and Translator from the English Department, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University. I have the required fluency and understanding of the cultural differences necessary for translators. I skilled in translating English with an experience of around eleven years as a translator. Currently I am working as Technical Translator and Editor at Bibliotheca Alex...


Alexandria University

  • 2002
  • Egypt
  • Bachelor
  • English (Linguistics and translation)

Work experience

Technical translator and editor in Bibliotheca Alexandrina
from 2006 to Present
Translation of the Dewey Decimal Classification Eds. 22 and 23 into Arabic. Translation of the MARC standard into Arabic. Translation of the Universal Decimal Classification summary into Arabic.