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Luka Lukic

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Translation services

German  — Serbian (Latin) Native language

Translation services

German  — Serbian (Cyrillic)

Translation services

German  — Bosnian

Translation services

German  — Croatian

Translation services

Serbian (Cyrillic)  — German

Translation services

Serbian (Latin) Native language  — German

Personal Details

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka, 05:49 am
Native language
Serbian (Latin)
Work experience
8 years 5 months
About me

I'm Luka Lukić and I work since 2013 as a professional freelance translator and court interpreter. 

Because of working with many local and leading international providers of translation services I had the opportunity to gain valuable experience and to be in the focus of the ever growing translation industry.

I really like and enjoy my job and I’m always looking for new challenges to improve my knowledge. I'm always willing to learn new ...


University of Banja Luka

  • 2013
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bachelor
  • German language and literature teacher

Uni Kassel

  • 2012
  • Germany
  • Bachelor
  • Exchange semester

Work experience

Freelance translator and court interpreter in Focus translations
from 2016 to Present
From my first working day I started my career as a freelance translator and I have done successfully a lot of projects and I have learned a lot from others during my work as a freelancer. In autumn 2015 I decided to work as a full time freelancer. See in my CV some projects.
Translator, team leader, project manager in Glossa - centar za njemački jezik d.o.o.
from 2012 to 2016
Worked as a leader of the translation department. Translating, both orally and on paper, price formation, offers. Some clients with they I worked: Office of the President, GIZ, Urbas, Stahl- und Anlagenbau, ELIN Motoren, Bosnia, Health Insurance Fund of Republic of Srpska and etc. Coordinated a team with 15 persons.
Translator and court interpreter in The Association of Court Interpreters of the Republic of Srpska
from 2013 to 2013
After I finished my studies and 6 months training for translators and court interpreters I began to work as a half time translator for the Association of Court Interpreters of the Republic of Srpska where I learned the basics of translations works.


Court interpreter decision

  • 2013

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document Court interpreter decision