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Luc Lepandou

20 k words

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Translation services

English  —
  • English (USA)
  • French (France) Native language


Translation services

French  —
  • French (France) Native language
  • English (USA)



  • Project management
    from 51.165 per

Personal Details

Denmark, Copenhagen, 02:10 am
Native language
French (France)
Work experience
5 years 6 months
About me
Learning happens everywhere - and I want it equally immersive, interactive, and transformative!

My approach banks on design thinking principles and emerging technologies to craft learning processes that foster an emotional, rational and relational optimization of the Human Capital — quite the cognitive/affective balance!

My toolbox spans disciplines — andragogical design, blended learning, and technical writing • mobile learning, IT&C, and SoMe...


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

  • 2004
  • United States of America
  • Bachelor
  • Food Marketing & Agribusiness Management

Copenhagen Business School

  • 2013
  • Denmark
  • Master
  • Business, Language & Culture (Diversity & Change Management)

Work experience

Freelance Translator (self-employed) in Scionans
from 2017 to Present
Scionans is a creative studio spinning out snazzy English-to-French translations for leadership development firms (change management training material) and environmental NGOs (compliance guidelines on ethical timber sourcing, sustainable land use, and climate-friendly solutions).
Learning Consultant in Global Mindset
from 2015 to 2017
Global Mindset aims to bring about rapid and effective change in global organizations. My Learning Consultant role revolved around 3 Core Areas of Learning: ◊ Design & Development – e-learning programs and modules for our digital academy ◊ Delivery & Implementation – virtual facilitation & online on-boarding ◊ Management & Assessment – program/project management, learning evaluation, impact assessment, stakeholder/supplier management
Project Assistant in cbsCSR
from 2012 to 2014
cbsCSR is an internationally-acclaimed and multi-disciplinary research center on CSR, sustainability and business ethics. I single-handedly managed case writing and account management projects. I also teamed up on collaborative assignments, such as data analysis and event planning.
Learning Coach / Shift Supervisor in Starbucks Coffee Company
from 2004 to 2010
I made sure that staff sustained operational excellence while on shift. To this end, I fostered a constructive learning environment by providing specific coaching and clear feedback in a timely and respectful manner. I also coordinated cash management, capacity planning, and operational procedures. Yet, my favorite role remained overseeing training and continuous learning - for new recruits and veteran employees alike.