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Linda Hansen

Translation services

English  — Norwegian Native language
  • Translation
    0.017 per
  • Editing
    0.017 per
  • Proofreading
    0.017 per
  • MT Postediting
    0.017 per

Marketing, advertising and PR Products and catalogs Website General History Luxury items Politics and society

Personal Details

Bulgaria, Varna, 08:39 pm
Native language
Work Experience
19 years 9 months
About me
I was born in Norway. I have a bachelor degree (and an aborted master thesis) from the University of Tromsoe. In my studies in anthropology i focussed on the development of demand structures and market channels in the emerging markets of post-communist Eastern Europe. 

Since May 2000 i have been living in Bulgaria. Here i set up a business that produces and sells jewellery. In addition to my managerial tasks, I have been doing the marketing and ...


University of Tromsø

  • 1999
  • Norway
  • Bachelor
  • Social Anthropology

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