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Korin Amador

38 k words

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Translation services

English  —
  • English (USA)
  • English (Canada)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • English (Australia)
Spanish Native language
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Spanish (Argentina)
  • Translation
    0.088 per
  • Editing
    0.033 per
  • Proofreading
    0.033 per
  • MT post-editing
    0.022 per

Products and catalogs Correspondence Education Marketing, advertising and PR Contracts and reports Science and patents Fiction

Personal Details

Costa Rica, 04:01 pm
Native language
Work experience
28 years 4 months
About me
I am an English-Spanish translator, from Costa Rica. My native language is Spanish (Lat.Am.) and I have been working as a freelance translator for 5 years. I owned a hardware store for ten years, so I have a lot of experience in business administration. I also worked as a quality engineer for transnational companies and have experience writing and translating procedures and manuals from English to Spanish. I am very responsible and always meet de...


Universidad Autónoma de Centro América

  • 1991
  • Costa Rica
  • Specialist
  • Industrial Engineer

Universidad de Costa Rica

  • 1997
  • Costa Rica
  • Master
  • Industrial Engineer


KAmador CV

  • 2016

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