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Gabriela Ventrice

  • 3 564 words Translated

Personal Details

Argentina, Buenos Aires, 01:49 pm
Native language
Work experience
23 years 1 month
About me
With 20+  years of experience in translation field, I know our industry inside out. I have a BA degree in Eng<>Spa translation from a Spanish university, I am licensed by CTPCBA (Association of Certified Translators of Buenos Aires - www.traductores.org.ar) to work as a certified translator in court, and I am an active member of AATI (Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters), and TREMEDICA (International Association of Translators a...


Universidad de Morón

  • 1997
  • Argentina
  • Bachelor
  • Certified Translator EN-SP

Work experience

Freelance translator & editor in Belgian Translation agency
from 2013 to Present
Freelance translator, editor & transcreator in Canadian Translation agency
from 2010 to Present
Freelance translator & transcreator in USA Translation agency
from 2007 to Present
Certified-sworn translator in Clients in Argentina
from 1997 to Present


Document translation

  • 2015

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