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Freddy Castaneda

3 269 words
3 projects

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Translation services

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Spanish Native language
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Personal Details

Colombia, 08:20 am
Native language
Work experience
11 years 4 months
About me
I am ah highly talented and qualified Certified Pro Proz Spanish freelance translator with 10 years of experience translating a wide variety of documents, issues and materials following established rules pertaining to factors such as word meanings, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and mechanics.

In my translation career I have translated a large number of documents in a variety of fields according to the current market demand. I feel pas...



  • 1993
  • Colombia
  • Specialist
  • Banking

Work experience

Freelance Translator in ABC Translating Services
from 2016 to Present
Legal documents. Transcripts. Birth, Death, Divorce certificates. Apostille. Sick leave terms. Real Estate 2016-currently. 2020: Corporate Bylaws (43,800 words); Employee Manual (18,459 words). Vehicle clearance. Health fliers. Experience in Legal and Health Safety Matters.


Human Resources Administration

  • 2020

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document Human Resources Administration