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Franco Paredes

219 k words
1 project

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Translation services

English  — Spanish Native language
Test passed
  • Medicine Translation

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Personal Details

Peru, Lima, 06:14 pm
Native language
Work experience
8 years 6 months
About me
I have a Technical Degree in Translation from ESIT Peru and a Bachelor's Academic Degree in Translation and Interpreting at university, in which I was an outstanding student. Currently I'm working on my dissertation for the Master's Degree in Medical and Healthcare Translation - UJI, Spain. I am a native speaker of Spanish and I have certified C2 proficiency in English. I did some Biology at university level as well.

I have translated documents,...


Universidad Ricardo Palma

  • 2016
  • Peru
  • Translation and Interpreting

Universitat Jaume I

  • 2019
  • Spain
  • Master
  • Medical and Healthcare Translation

Work experience

Reviser and Translator in Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games
from 2019 to Present
I revised translated content related to the Games: official documents, press releases, web content. During high-demand periods, I also did translation work.