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Cristiana Zanelli

205 words

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Translation services

English  — Italian Native language

Arts and culture Correspondence Cosmetics Education Fiction Fashion Food and drinks

Related services

English  — Italian Native language

Personal Details

Italy, 02:55 pm
Native language
Work experience
1 year 5 months
About me
Hi, I am an EN>IT translator with studies in Creative Writing. I am a bilingual with working experience through online agencies, translating as a volunteer, subtitles translation, and fiction/non fiction writing. 
My knowledge of the English language is both from literary sources and on the field. I have been living and working in international environments for many years. 
My output in Italian is natural and accurate.


Scuola Holden Torino

  • Italy
  • Creative Writing

University of Iowa

  • United States of America
  • International Writing Program MOOC

Work experience

Translator in TopContent
from 2020 to Present
EN>IT translation of articles related to tourism