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Carl Carter

21 k words

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Translation services

German  — English
  • English (United Kingdom) Native language

Education Correspondence Marketing, advertising and PR Website HR History Philosophy

Personal Details

Germany, Moorenweis near Munich, 06:50 am
Native language
English (United Kingdom)
Work experience
26 years 5 months
About me
I'm a professional translator, proof-reader/editor and blogger and run my own translation agency, Amper Translation Service (2005 to date). 

I am a full member of the BDÜ, the largest professional association for translators and interpreters in Germany.

My customers are universities, think-tanks and other businesses. I also work for other translation agencies from time to time. I particularly enjoy working on texts that are going to be publishe...


University of Hamburg

  • 1994
  • Germany
  • Master
  • Applied Linguistics and History (studied in German and English)

University of East Anglia, Norwich

  • 1989
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Bachelor
  • German Language and History (2 majors -> BA (Hons))

BDÜ translators' association

  • 2017
  • Germany
  • workshops and webinars on CAT tools and other practical aspects of translation work (CPD)

Work experience

Proprietor in Amper Translation Service
from 2005 to Present
ATS is my own translation and copy-editing agency. I have been self-employed ever since Jan. 2005.
Manager in Red Shepherd Translations GmbH
from 1999 to 2004
I ran the translation agency, managed many of its projects and picked and worked together with suitable translators.



  • 2020

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