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Carine Amale Nanfah

2 366 words
2 projects

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Translation services

English  —
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • French (France) Native language

Agriculture Annual reports Arts and culture Automotive business Business Contracts and reports Documents and certificates

Personal Details

Cameroon, Yaoundé, 03:25 am
Native language
French (France)
Work experience
6 years 8 months
About me
I am a senior translator and post-editor with 06 years of experience. My working languages are Spanish, English and French. French is my mother tongue or native language and English and Spanish are my second languages. My elementary and high school education were basically French-oriented. I obtained my Master dregree in Translation at the University of Dschang, followed by an internship at the Translation Unit of Cameroon’s Ministry of  Posts an...


University of Dschang

  • 2016
  • Cameroon
  • Master

Work experience

Intern in Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
from 2015 to 2015
Translation of Discourses, reports, projects on telecommunications, others administrative documents, etc. Creation of glossary, lexicon, terminological base, etc.


Tourism Translation

  • 2017

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document Tourism Translation

Telecommunication Translation

  • 2015

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document Telecommunication Translation