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Bijaya Sahu

8 356 words
4 projects

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Translation services

English  —
  • English (USA)
  • English (United Kingdom)
Odia Native language

Website Veterinary medicine Transport Tourism and travel Thermal power engineering Technical and engineering Accounting

Personal Details

India, Puri
Native language
Work experience
33 years 6 months
About me
At present I am doing Freelancing work which includes English<>Oriya & English<>Hindi Translation, Typing (Oriya, English & Hindi) job, etc. My mother tongue is Odia. Experience in Translation work: I have experience in doing the translation for my present official work in, i.e. in HR the department (of Hotel Nilachal Ashok, Puri, (Odisha) India & Hotel Shakti International, Puri, (Odisha), India) where there is always needed to doing the transla...


Utkal University

  • 1983
  • India
  • Bachelor
  • English, Odia, Political Science and History

Utkal University

  • 1994
  • India
  • Bachelor
  • LL.B.

Work experience

Freelance Translator in Wistran, Chennai
from 2019 to Present
Translation works from English to Odia
Freelance Translator in Ansh Intertrade Pvt. Ltd.
from 2019 to Present
Translation of various projects from English to Odia / Odia to English,etc.
Freelance Translator in One Hour Translation
from 2019 to Present
Translation work from English to Odia