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Belagia Naiem

3 864 words
1 project

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Translation services

English  — Arabic Native language

Documents and certificates Education General History Psychology Politics and society Religion

Translation services

French  — English

Translation services

Arabic Native language  — English

Personal Details

Egypt, Tanta, 06:32 pm
Native language
Work experience
4 years 6 months
About me
I have been granted the Bachelor degree from Faculty of Al-Alsun, Ain-Shams University, Also, I have finished the Professional Diploma in Media and Literary Translation at American University at Cairo (AUC). I am a Junior Legal Translator at Elaph Translation Company since February 2018. I am a subtitle translator and transcriptionist at the TED's Open Translation Project (OTP). I grantee an excellent product to you.


Ain Shams University

  • 2016
  • Egypt
  • Bachelor
  • English Language

American University in Cairo

  • 2018
  • Egypt
  • Specialist
  • Media and Literary Translation (School of Continuing Education)

American University in Cairo

  • 2016
  • Egypt
  • Specialist
  • Foundation Certificate in Translation and Interpreting (School of Continuing Education)

Work experience

Senior legal translator in Elaph Translation Company
from 2018 to Present
Translator in Freelance translator
from 2016 to Present


Past life Therapy

  • 2017

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document Past life Therapy