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Amy Maneechay

50% Quality
100% Compliance with deadlines

Based on 2 reviews

425 k words
440 projects

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Translation services

English  — Thai Native language

Accounting Agriculture Annual reports Architecture Arts and culture Banking and investment Documents and certificates

Translation services

Thai Native language  — English

Translation services

German  — Thai Native language

Translation services

Thai Native language  — German

Reviews · 2

  • Gustavo Ribone,  Responsive Translation Services
    TranslationEnglish > Thai

    Editor's Feedback: The translation doesn't sound natural which caused by many errors such as word picking error, unnecessary using passive voice (follow English structure), conjunctions misused, missing important words and inconsistency. Some sentences are unclear and confusing. Spacing error also presents throughout the translation. Some sentences are mistranslated due to misunderstanding main objective of the source. However, no misspelling is found.

    24 Jan'20

    • Not recommended
    • Recommended
      Compliance with deadlines
  • НМ
    Наталья Машковцева,  Libete
    TranslationEnglish > Thai

    17 Sep'19

    • Recommended
    • Recommended
      Compliance with deadlines

Personal Details

Thailand, Bangkok, 09:47 pm
Native language
Work experience
15 years 6 months
About me

If you are looking for the native Thai translator to assist to help your job completely done, so I am the right one here for you. 

A native Thai freelancer who has been living in Bangkok for years, I initially got a bachelor degree with majoring in Marketing Management with the first class of honor.  Since the life of the university, not just the Marketing field I fancy for but I am also interested in the language for example is English....


Phranakhon Rajabhat University

  • 2010
  • Thailand
  • Marketing Management

Work experience

Freelance translator in SmartCat
from 2014 to Present


Agriculture translation

  • 2017

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document Agriculture translation