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Alessandra Menini

17.2 k words
6 projects

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Translation services

English  — Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazil) Native language

Contracts and reports Correspondence Documents and certificates Education Manuals Marketing, advertising and PR Science and patents

Personal Details

Brazil, Curitiba, 06:09 pm
Native language
Portuguese (Brazil)
Work experience
12 years 5 months
About me
Broad experience with technical and certified translations, currently working with IT companies from Silicon Valley and marketing texts. Specialist in Localization.


Pontifical Catholic University of the State of Paraná

  • 2008
  • Brazil
  • Bachelor
  • Languages - English


  • 2020
  • Brazil
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MBA in Strategic Staff Management

Work experience

Manager in Sequence Language Solutions Ltd.
from 2018 to Present
To send quotes to clients, provide information whether necessary, manage and distribute tasks with other translators, reviewing and creating glossaries, delivery of translations, accounts receivable.
Certified Translator/Freelance Translator in Self-employed
from 2012 to Present
Translations in the following areas: marketing, IT, university and school documents, life sciences, technology and development, certificates of vital records, patents, architecture, engineering, CVs, beauty and grooming, medical instruments licenses, prosecutions. Reviews and proofreading.


Marketing Translation

  • 2017

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document Marketing Translation