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Akmal Xushvaqov

16 words

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Translation services

English  — Uzbek (Latin) Native language

Education Gaming Manuals Marketing, advertising and PR Products and catalogs Science and patents Software

Translation services

Russian  — Uzbek (Latin) Native language

Personal Details

Uzbekistan, Samarkand, 04:07 pm
Native language
Uzbek (Latin)
Work experience
16 years 8 months
About me
I am Akmal Xushvaqov from Uzbekistan. I live in Uzbekistan and I speak in Uzbek language. I am motivated to localize because I want to help open source and free softwares. Then I am trying to make avialable free and open source softwares in Uzbek language. I have started free software translation 9 years ago. First time I started to translate Ubuntu from English to Uzbek language. Then continue translations of Mozilla products. Translations help ...


Samarkand State University

  • 2004
  • Uzbekistan
  • Bachelor
  • Uzbek philology and literature


My Resume

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